welcome, parents & kids-

Each weekend, we have kid-friendly, interactive, and fun biblical programming for our kids.  Children will hear a great Bible truth and will be challenged to live it in their lives. On the following pages, you'll find the lessons we learned this week in kids' church  so that you can reinforce them at home.


This week, our preschoolers learned about forgiving others!

Our story this week: Joseph Forgives His Brothers (Genesis 42-45)

Our Key Concept:  God wants us to forgive. 

Our activity: Joseph forgave his brothers and gave them food to eat when they had none.  To remind the children of Joseph's forgiving heart and of how God wants us to forgive, the children added pictures of their favorite meals to a fun paper plate craft!

Something you can do with me: Help your child practice forgiving others when they are upset with someone by saying, "I forgive you." You could also guide your child to drawing a picture for someone to show them that your child has forgiven them!


In our series "Ten Hut!" we are studying the life of Joshua, while experiencing "army basic training," to gain knowledge and skills to live a life of following God!

This week's verse: "But then I recall all have you have done, O Lord; I remember your wonderful deeds of long ago."  -Psalm 77:11

Our activity:  The children learned that it is important to remember the times God has helped us, because this gives us both comfort and confidence as we face challenges today and in the future.  To reinforce this, the children decorated memory boxes they can use to store items that remind them of the great things God has done for them!

A question you can ask me to see if I learned the lesson:  Why is it important to remember all of the good things that God has done for us?  Talk with your child about some of the wonderful things that God has done in both of your lives!

jump wednesdays

The Wednesday night JUMP program will return on September 11!!

We hope that you enjoy the summer months with your family. See you in September!