Every school year brings great challenges and great rewards.  Each child will spend up to 8 hours a day at school.  As a parent, grandparent, and guardian, cover the school year, the children & the teachers in prayer. 

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Tips to OVercome the Back to school Blues

Going back to school can bring many challenges.  Here are a few tips to help you and your child. 

1. PREPARE FOR BEDTIME & GETTING UP:  Getting up early after three months of sleeping late and going to bed late requires dismantling of the old sleep pattern & creating a new one.  A consistent bedtime and rise time will build more structure back into your schedule.  Consider moving back to bedtime 15 minutes each night to get it close to what "School Bedtime" will be.  

2. TAKE SMALL STEPS:   Too large of steps can be difficult to manage. Break down the task necessary for your child to succeed. Instead of him saying, “I will do my homework every day as soon as I come home,” encourage him to say, “I will start my homework within an hour of coming home.” Help your child aim for success.

3. CREATE SPACE FOR HOMEWORK:  Are you creating space for homework? One mom set up a special area for her son to do his homework — not in his room where he’d have too many distractions. They talked through the what, when, where, and why. That cut any arguments during the school year over completing his work.

4. DISCUSS POSITIVES FROM PREVIOUS YEARS:  Spend some time discussing the previous year - the friends they made, and the things they learned and remind them of all the things that came out of the year.  Look ahead and come up with a few new goals for this year. 

If Not us, Then Who? Academy class for Parents

There are currently 7 different generations living in the world.  Each carries its own stereotype and judges other generations' values and priorities.  However, every generation has one thing in common... each one needs Jesus. Join us each week, as we focus on how the church can best respond and relate to generational differences and to be certain there will not be a Lost Generation.

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Can I have a cell phone or a tablet?  Parents hear this question a lot.  Be prepared to help your child when they take this next step.  When you give your child any type of technology - set up a contract with them.  Define the expectations & help them keep a balance with them



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