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Kids ministry is open for in person services during all three services. 
If you are still worshiping at home, we have a teaching sermon to watch online. 

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faith at home activities

Use the Three Clear Jar System

A great way to help kids learn about money is with 3 clear jars.  One jar is for saving, one jar is for spending, and one jar is for giving.  As they receive money, they can see how to put money in all three jars.  A clear jar also helps them see money accumulate.  As they get older, you can use this with an allowance and even begin to give teenagers their money for clothes and fun things so they can see how to budget their money.  

faith building tips

Start Early to Teach about Money

The place where kids need to learn about money is in the home by their parents.  Schools are not teaching children about money management, but advertisers and credit card companies are targeting children and teens. When your children are small, begin teaching them how to save, spend and give.  Model good financial decisions so your child learn and understand the value and use of money. Visit Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University to get great ideas on things you can do with your kids.  

recommended Books

FINANCIAL PEACE JR. KIT   This kit gives parents of children ages 3-12 the tools they need to raise money-smart kids.  The Kit covers four basic concepts: working spending, saving & giving. 

 SMART MONEY, SMART KIDS: RAISING THE NEXT GENERATION TO WIN WITH MONEY  Starting with the basics like working, spending, saving, and giving, and moving into more challenging issues like avoiding debt for life, paying cash for college, and battling discontentment, Dave and Rachel present a no-nonsense, common-sense approach for changing your family tree.

THE 5 MONEY CONVERSATIONS TO HAVE WITH YOUR KID AT EVERY AGE & STAGE  Money affects you and your kids every day. Now there's a way to talk about money in a way that actually brings your family closer.This book  offers practical advice for dealing with three age groups (5-12, 13-17, and 18 and beyond). It is the parenting "how to" book you don't want to live without.

additional resources

The Abide App

Find lots of scripture readings and ways to help your child and you sleep better and stress less with Christ.

Bible App for Kids

Download some great bible videos for your kids and you to watch and discuss during this time.

Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family is a global Christian ministry dedicated to helping families thrive. It provides help and resources for couples to build healthy marriages that reflect God’s design and for parents to raise their children according to morals and values grounded in biblical principles.

Family Life

FamilyLife's mission is to help people change the world one home at a time. Created on the principle that the family provides the foundation for society, the ministry offers a wide range of tools to help families become stronger.

Plugged In

Plugged In is a Focus on the Family publication designed to shine a light on the world of popular entertainment while giving families the essential tools they need to understand, navigate and impact the culture in which they live.